Technology Business Networks -T.B.N. ,  a leading player in today's biomedical arena, providing  creative  business opportunities for  Medical devices, Biopharmaceutical companies interested with international business growth within Europe (West & East), China, India, Brazil and Israel.
Offering individually tailored  services designed according to customer specific requirements, the T.B.N. Group  pro actively works with both start-ups and established companies to realize and execute  their strategic targets , offering and business growth.  Every company is approached as a unique challenge, and the T.B.N. Group explores all options in order to provide the very best, most effective solutions for each customer's needs. 

T.B.N. Group is also the gateway to the Israeli  medtech and biopharma  industry for firms looking for innovations, technologies and Joint ventures.  In addition, we assist foreign companies looking for visibility, marketing , partners and clients within the Israeli market place.

With a successful  and proven track record of successful deal making for its clients and partners , the T.B.N. Group has a reputation for excellence in results bringing, service, high professional integrity, and - a drive to exceed expectations. 

At The T.B.N. Group - Your Vision is Our Mission!