Designed to assist and accompany both Start-Ups as well as established Life science companies with their international sales, marketing , business development and tech transfer needs. The T.B.N. Group caters to a wide range of cliental including: Medical Devices, Healthcare, Biotechnology, e - Health, and Pharmaceuticals.


Israel Tal V.P. Business Development D. Medical Industries Ltd (Israel)

"To whomever it may concern

It gives me a great pleasure to warmly recommend the work of the TBN Group.
D Medical Industries Ltd (NASDAQ - DMED; TASE – DMDC) is engaged in developing, manufacturing and as of recently marketing of advanced innovative insulin pumps in both the developed and the emerging markets.
We have contracted the TBN Group's services towards the transition from an R&D organization into the initial stages of marketing with a task to assist us in setting up a strong and suitable distribution channel into one of our most important strategic markets – China.

Through a unique combination of deep understanding of the market, a widespread network of connections and sheer professionalism, The TBN Group and Ms. Weiswasser played an instrumental role in the formation of one of our company's most important strategic relationships with China's leading pharmaceuticals and medical devices giants – the Sinopharm group.

This relationship took the initial form of Strategic Marketing Agreement and a Distribution Agreement and has evolved into a deeper strong relationship which we hope to see farther developing in the future into additional areas of cooperation.

Throughout the stages of working towards consummating of this deal I personally enjoyed an ongoing support and positive contribution in both the larger strategic aspects as well as in the day to day benefits that can be achieved from the involvement of 3rd party who can assist by gently stirring the deal to safe shores.

I truly and fully enjoyed working with the TBN Group and I warmly recommend them to any company who is in need of similar services.


Israel Tal
V.P. Business Development
D. Medical Industries Ltd"

Mr. Dai Bin - Head of new technologies Sinopharm (China)

"Sinopharm Pharmaceuticals is the leading government owned medical company in China within the medics devices and the pharmaceuticals segments.

Being one of the strongest companies in Asia it is very important for us to join forces with leading companies in any territory we work at and therefore ….. we selected the T.B.N. Group.

We would like to highly recommend The T.B.N. Group for its international business skills, negotiation abilities, pro activity, loyalty, top services professionalism , enthusiasm, connections… In fact, we are so pleased with The T.B.N. Group that we now expand our cooperation with The TBN Group to Europe as well…

We are highly recommend any company that is looking to expand internationally or that is looking for local represe4ntative to use the T.B..N Group"

Mr. Noam Levy - C.F.O Nissan Medical Industries Ltd. (Israel)
Nissan Medical Industries Ltd. is a public company in the Tel Aviv stock exchange

"Nissan Medical Industries LTD. had hired The T.B.N Group for a business development task in Europe - the scouting of international business opportunities such as: Strategic partners, New products and Clients.
Nissan Medical would like to highly recommend The T.B.N Group Ltd. for it's Pro - activity, Productivity, Professional expertise and business skills.
After only few months time The T.B.N Group had presented to Nissan Medical with qualified international contacts of leading business people and companies with whom Nissan Medical had started a business cooperation already."

Kevin J. Wilson - C.E.O. M.D.I.S (Scotland)

"Without exception, all Scottish companies who have been interfaced with the T.B.N Group have been impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm, networking, connections and knowledge which Ms. Sigal Weisswasser, her team and her colleagues have demonstrated and MDIS looks forward to further collaborations in the future"

Dr. Philip Ledger - VP corporate EBD Group (Switzerland)

"TBN Group has consistently provided excellent service being responsive, diligent and clearly having strong connections into the Israeli life science sector - from Universities to institutions through biotech, pharma , devices and instrumentation companies.

The TBN Group has always been proactive in it's approach and in addition to the core service required of them had frequently brought to the table ideas for new projects and collaboration."

Dr. Mariano Marotta - C.E.O Farmaffari ( Italy)

"Following our joint work with TBN Group we highly recommend this company for it's degree of services, commitment, connections, integrity and client service and support.
We have being working with them for a while now and will continue using this company that was of very helpful to us with our international marketing. Entering new markets is always a big project and the help and support of a qualified assistance was very important for us.
We recommend any company that is looking for international marketing to use TBN if they want to get a real marketing work and results in new markets."

Dr. Mauro Poli - Trade Commissioner (Italian Embassy)

"Reference is made to the Italian Business Mission in Israel…Upon the termination of this
important and successful mission, we would like to thank you for your important contribution
to the event. We would like to underline in particular your professional assistance in the B2B
meetings set for the Italian companies and your contribution for the success of the Networking
held on June 16 2009."

Primoz Strajnar - VP Sales Novak M. d.o.o (Slovenia)

"We can say that the TBN Group offered us a high level of service showed a lot of expertise in the medical field showed a lot of enthusiasm and we worked together as a team.
After researching for a period of two months the TBN Group provided us a detailed list of key players of our industry in the Israeli market

The entire trip to Israel was well planned and the chosen companies were all important players.
We believe that with the local support of the TBN Group we can achieve high goals in the Israeli market as well as another markets throughout the world "

Mr. Tzur Di Cori - C.E.O EZSurgical (Israel)

"EZSurgical signed agreement with The T.B.N. Group for row marketing, sales , marcom and coordination. T.B.N. professional team identified nationwide medical device distributors of an interest to us and approached them based on existing networking and personal relation.
T.B.N. efficiently created significant commercial opportunities and business dialogs for
EZSurgical along with very important deals."

Amnon Engelberg - C.E.O Calcident ( Israel)

"It is essential for a start-up company, in its early stages, when it is in need of professional advice and support to build its business strategy and to be introduced to the established firms in its sector, to have a mentor such as the TBN Group.
Sigal, with her enthusiastic approach and tireless efforts, focused on the correct markets and made initial contacts within an unbelievable short time.
It seems that TBN Group is well connected in Europe as well as in other countries, and Sigal's approach and charm, built on personal acquaintance and relations, accomplishes that which other firms cannot achieve.
In the field of bio-medical companies and pharma, the TBN Group comes highly recommended as a business and marketing development partner"

Alex Shulman Vice President Marketing & Products, Elfi-Tech Ltd. (Israel)

"The T.B.N. Group helped us to crystallize a clear message to our potential customers and distributors, participated in building of our business strategy and provided hands-on support in building a network of distributors. TBN Group also represented Elfi-Tech during Medica 2008 convention. This representation resulted in very significant cost savings for Elfi-Tech, which is very important in current financial situation.

The T.B.N Group is an extremely enthusiastic and hardworking individuals and they managed to provide a clear benefit to our company with-in a very short period of time. As Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Elfi-Tech I did not get “unemployed” after we started cooperation with the TBN Group. On contrary, this joint work helped me to concentrate on strategic marketing and business development activities taking a lot of day-to-day activities off me."