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The T.B.N. Group Ltd. Israel,
POB 11371,
Park Cibel , Rosh Ha'ayin,
48091, ISRAEL
Tel: +972 9 788 8310
Fax: +972 9 974 3935

     The T.B.N. Group Italy
Viale Umbria, 63
20135 Milano, Italy
     The T.B.N. Group Central Europe
(Switzerland, Austria Germany)

Kasernenstr 11
8004 Zurich, Switzerland
(c/o Venture Valuation)
The T.B.N. Group France
2 , Terrasse du Parc de la Villette,
Paris, France

     The T.B.N. Group UK
London Innovation Centre
Purley Way , London, UK
The T.B.N. Group Northern Europe
Zwarteweg 84, 2121 BD, Bennebroek
Amsterdam Airport area, The Netherlands
     The T.B.N. Group China (affiliation)
12A08-09, B2, Long-Range World, Suzhou Street,
Haidian District, Beijing 100080, P.R.China